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Our services

Complete solution and service responsibility

R-ELEKTRONIK AG attempts to consciously find professional and complete solutions that are implemented mainly within the company and for long-term partner companies. Additional added values and a thorough optimum product quality are implemented for the customers. We take complete service responsibility for the delivery.

  • From the inception to the finished product.
  • Small to medium-sized series.
  • Prototype production.
  • Swiss service quality / Quality controls.
  • High schedule flexibility.

Industrial Electronics

General and system-specific electronic components

Don‛t hesitate in asking us to provide you with the complete solution – from the idea through to the engineering to the finished product. We can also realise your order based on your specifications.

R-ELEKTRONIK AG delivers system-specific electronic components and power electronics for the general machine industry as well as special machine construction.

  • EMV-specific layout.
  • Install and test.
  • 19zoll technology.
  • Electronic components.
  • Power electronics.
  • Test and device construction.

Repair Services

For growth in industrial repairs

R-ELEKTONIK AG offers you repair services for almost all electrical industrial components. Our experiences derived from the development and repair of electrical industrial equipment and an unmatched range of measurement and test instruments enable localisation and elimination of almost all faults. You can also inquire about heat and fatigue tests for the production of sleeve products with up to 2m diameter or for repairs of older industrial devices.

You will receive a 10 year availability guarantee for spare parts for products manufactured by R-ELEKTRONIK AG.

  • Comprehensive know-how and experience.
  • Production of sleeve products and transmitters for test purposes and small series.

High-vacuum Technology

Performance with excellent workmanship

Design quality, operating reliability and availability are the central performance components for the development, implementation and maintenance of high-vacuum systems. R-ELEKTRONIK AG offers you these advantages on the basis of its years of experience. Well-known customers from across the globe are already availing of its benefits.

  • Years of experience with high-vacuum systems.
  • Electricity supply systems for dedusting and vaporisation technology up to 15 kV.
  • Ionic source electricity supply up to 60 kW.
  • In-house vacuum system for experiments and series of measurements.

Download Flyer: Neueste Generation von Stromversorgungsanlagen ISP320


Individual solution development
of small to large projects

R-ELEKTONIK AG gives individual attention to your requirements and challenges. In the field of drives and automation, we can provide you comprehensive support, regardless of whether you are device or machine manufacturer or whether you manufacture components, for example for small power stations.

  • Plan and implement control units and drives.
  • Switch cabinet construction for complex systems.
  • Prototypes
  • Retrofits

Electrical Mechanics

In-house production of electro-mechanical components

For the production of electrical components, mechanical processing of cooling elements, housings, flanges, front plates etc. are also often essential. R-ELETRONIK AG carries out these adjustments in-house with its own CNC milling centre. As our customer, you can depend on a well-customised processing of your component group focussing on the electrical component, including economical mechanical processing.

  • Mechanical processing of cooling elements.
  • Manufacturing and processing of front plates, housings etc. on the CNC milling centre.
  • Prototypes and series.
  • Programming according to Master CAM.

Mechanical Engineering

Innovation is fascinating owing to its simplicity

Are you looking for an innovative but simple solution at one and the same time for your projects in the field of mechanics? Turn to R-Elektronik AG and benefit from the company‛s many years of experience, its reliable designs and all-in solutions to meet your needs.

  • Product development.
  • Mechanical systems.
  • Calculation and design of components and sub-assemblies.
  • Creation of 2D drawings and 3D models.
  • 3D animations and 3D visualisations.
  • 3D exploded views.
  • In-house production of mechanical parts on machining centres.